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Have you been craving a space where your pregnancy loss is honored, where you can grieve openly and find a way forward?

Discounted rate until June 10th!
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Welcome to our Pregnancy Loss Ceremony

An afternoon of ritual, meditation and community to honour your pregnancy loss.

If you are like most people who have had a miscarriage (as a birther or partner), you are probably experiencing grief, lack of understanding and ambivalence about moving forward.



  • You have tried to talk to people but felt dismissed.

  • You feel alone and misunderstood, even your partner doesn't feel the same way you do.

  • You want to try again but fear having a similar experience.

  • You feel a lack of closure.

  • You feel like you are betraying this baby by wanting to try again.

The thing is, to process grief, humans need ritual, community and a safe holding space.

Hello to you

My name is Christiane

In my private practice as a perinatal therapist, I have helped many clients process their losses, and one thing they almost always crave is community and ritual.


Inspired by my training as a trauma healer, perinatal loss companion, and perinatal ceremonialist, I have created this beautiful community offering to provide sacred spaces for folks to grieve and say goodbye after a pregnancy loss.

You deserve to feel connected to this pregnancy, to find meaning in your experience and to carry it forward with honor as you step into your future.


This ceremony was designed to help you:


-Feel validated and understood in community. 

-Feel an improved sense of connection to your baby, body and future.

- Re-imagine your experience in light of your strength and power as opposed to a sense of defeat and failure

-Participate in concrete activities that will help you get a sense of closure.

What to expect from the ceremony

Here are the main activities we will move through during the ceremony:



You will be invited to bring an object that represents your pregnancy/baby and we will place it in our circle. You will be invited (but never obligated) to share a bit of your experience.

Meditating on hillside

Guided meditation

You will be guided through a meaningful meditation where you will get a chance to connect to your lost pregnancy/baby and get wisdom from them.


Letter writing

You will write a letter to the baby you lost, sharing what you wish for them, what you are taking from their time with you, and what you are letting go of.



June 25th

From 1pm-4pm


At Rooted Family Wellness Centre

30 Edgewater St Unit 121, Kanata, ON




Claimable under Social Work

(BIPOC choose their own fee, contact me to register!)

INITIAL REDUCED RATE! 225$ until June 10th
Register for the Pregnancy Loss Ceremony
*Please note that space is limited.*
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Initial reduced rate
 225$ until June 10th

1) Register by clicking the paypal button above (Reduced rate automatically applied until June 10th.

2) Within one business day, you will receive forms to complete.

3) Complete forms.

4) Receive an email from me with information on preparing for the ceremony. :)

5) A receipt for group therapy will be issued under Social Work AFTER the ceremony.

This ceremony is for me if:

  • My miscarriage happened a long time or short time ago. (all timelines are welcome!)

  • I am a partner of someone who experienced a miscarriage.

This ceremony is NOT for me if:

  • Spirituality and woo makes me cringe.

  • I had a late miscarriage or stillbirth (I will be offering a separate ceremony for this type of loss later. If you aren't sure what I mean by late miscarriage, send me an email and we can chat).

  • I feel severely triggered when talking about my miscarriage. (one on one support might be best to start with)

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