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About Christiane Laflèche

My name is Christiane Laflèche (pronouns: she, her, hers). I am a French Canadian settler of the beautiful land we inhabit. I am a mother of  two and a proud feminist always seeking to incorporate intersectional theory in my feminism.

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario and moved to Hong Kong for love in my 20s. I birthed my first son there and his birth was traumatic. Even though I had prepared for birth, the policies in place at the hospital, the burnt out medical providers and the lack of safety left me feeling raw, exposed, violated and terrified. It was 9 months later that I sought help from a pelvic floor physio, reached out for emotional support and began my healing journey.


My personal experience with postpartum anxiety, depression and PTSD have equipped my heart for this work, and I have complemented these lived experiences with an abundance of training that I continue to accrue. As a feminist, a lover of Mother Earth and a womben, I am deeply driven to support, and carry fellow birthers who have had issues surrounding their wombs and all that goes with that. I love this work. I am passionate about reproductive justice, joyful, sacred births and fulfilling and pleasurable parenting.

Supporting you is my life's work.



I have an undergraduate degree in Gender Studies and a Masters in Social Work. I am also registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers which is what allows me to practice perinatal counselling and psychotherapy.

I have also taken additional trainings in the field of reproductive mental health such as grief and pregnancy loss, sexuality and birth, postpartum wellness, pro-choice abortion support.


I am also training in Somatic Experiencing which is the trauma-informed practice I adore using.

Why I do this work

My passion for participating in therapeutic spaces is to offer an alternative space for people to explore their more vulnerable self. My role is to allow you a space where you can fully let go of the pressure to hold it together and guide you through your tough stuff. I also want to be a space where folks can process the reproductive injustices they face throughout their lives and reflect on how society makes it hard to be in their bodies.

My ultimate goal is to have you feeling empowered and I work with you to make this happen.

Wondering if we would be a good fit? 

If you enjoy spirituality, feminism, diving deep and dark, somatic experiencing, and travelling from your childhood to your present, we will probably fit well. 

If you are hoping to stay more cerebral, and focus on a purely rational approach, I may not be your ideal therapist. I may be a bit too fluffy for you :).


If you have further questions about my identity and my approach, please be in touch. I will be happy to answer questions that will allow you to decide if Empowered is a safe space for you.

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