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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Miscarriages are often experienced silently, discretely and alone. It is so unfortunate that our culture has coped with miscarriages by hiding them away, and discouraging us from sharing our pregnancies from others for 3 whole months. The truth is, this creates a lack of community when one would need it the most. The first 3 months of pregnancy are challenging and the loss of a pregnancy at this stage can be devastating. Together we can process this grief and partner together to find hope, meaning, resilience and strength from this tremendous pain. 


The death of an infant is terrible. It is so terrible that folks do not know how to talk about it, and do not know how to support parents who have lost a child. In this therapeutic space, you can feel comfortable to share this tragic loss and I will hold the space for you, so that you can let go and truly explore the forest of grief knowing you are completely safe, and completely held.

You can expect:

-Lots of space to grieve, to be sad, to cry, to be where you are at.

-Body awareness, yoga therapy, rituals to aid the healing of your womb.

-Planning of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations that honour the life of your departed one.

-A safe space to explore whatever you need to in your grieving process.

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