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Pregnancy Termination and Abortion

Deciding to end a pregnancy, whatever the circumstances, can be a challenging decision. It often brings up a myriad of feelings and emotions that can be overwhelming to process alone. My role in these situations, is to provide feminist, sensitive, respectful accompaniment through YOUR decision making process as well as compassion, empathy and processing after the procedure. I am careful to use language you find appropriate when discussing this topic. I always believe in your ability, wisdom, intelligence in making this decision and will unwaveringly defend your agency regarding your choices. Whether you need someone to talk to as you make a decision regarding termination, or if you want to process an abortion that has already happened, I will stand with you.

In so many ways, people with vaginas are ripped of their agency over their bodies. I plan on making our therapeutic relationship a space where we reclaim that agency; where your body can feel like yours again.

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