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Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Therapy

Green Forest

Postpartum depression, stress, and anxiety can bring forth unfathomable suffering. While biological, structural, social  and genetic factors all have important roles to play in the experience of postpartum mood disorders, we must remember the incredible psychological and spiritual impact of a change in identity, an immense rebirth in the way we perceive the world. This is huge. As a holistic feminist therapist, I intend to partner with you as you navigate this incredible transition. I will hold this suffering with you, giving you the respite and nurturance you need to find hope again, to find your way back to yourself, to once more be proud of who you have become. 

Together we can work on:

-Feeling understood, safe, supported and nurtured

-Tackling feelings of exhaustion, worthlessness, hopelessness, anxiety, worry and overwhelm

-Creating a plan to help remove overwhelm and add more peace and joy to your every day

-Discussing how becoming a parent or having additional children has impacted your reality and who you are

-Help you find your way to the new transformed you, so you can feel proud and empowered in your role as a parent

-Spend time reflecting on the spiritual transformation into parenthood and yoga therapy when appropriate

Until we meet, remember that you are worthy, your feelings are valid, and you can feel better with a bit of support.

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