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Counselling Services

Individuals, couples and groups

Individual Sessions
Cup of Tea

Individual Counselling Sessions

With a cup of tea in hand, we explore your unique story at your own pace. With gentle unconditional positive regard and understanding we move through your goals together. Individual sessions are 50min-60min. 

I am now offering the option of online individual sessions through Owl Practice, a secure online platform designed for therapy. This is a good option for folks living outside of Ottawa or for those who cannot make the trip to the office.

Contact me for more information.

Couple Sessions
Holding Hands

Couple Counselling sessions

Couple sessions are offered when clients are facing a loss together, or parenting issues are affecting their relationship. Sometimes, during vulnerable periods, it is helpful to have your partner accompany you during appointments and I believe that one of my roles is to encourage the development of this support network. Couple sessions are 50-60 minutes.

 Contact me for more information.

Group Session
Women Holding Hands

Healing Support Groups

Groups are a wonderful choice for those who are seeking validation in their experience. It can be incredibly healing to simply hear your peers say they feel the same as you. My groups are run in the mutual-aid model which means the group members needs are at the forefront and your knowledge drives the sessions. It can be incredibly empowering to realise that you not only come to receive healing but, to your surprise, you are helping others heal as well! Groups can be a more economical choice as well. Click below to find out more about groups I offer.

At this time, I am only offering coaching groups through my coaching practice and no longer as therapy.

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