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Birth Trauma Therapy

Birth is an incredible opening. It is powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Unfortunately, it is not honoured as the sacred and glorious act it should be in our society. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of us are left feeling undone, incomplete, confused, angry, violated, and broken after our birth experience. 

It is through my own healing and traumatic birth experience that I have gained tools and wisdom to assist birthers on this healing. The good news is that trauma can be healed.

You can expect:

-Time spent sharing your birth story while being supported, validated and heard.

-Discussion of dreams and what they mean for you.

-Use of art, mindfulness, ceremonies and rituals to help break from and transform the memories.

-Feminist perspective to help see how social contexts affect our personal experiences.

-Use of story writing to enliven and empower your memories.

For now, remember that if you feel traumatized or achy about your birth, your feelings are valid. No matter how small you think the trauma is, if you want support, you deserve support!

Birth Healing Ceremonies

I also offer sessions focusing on the planning of birth healing ceremonies. In these sessions, we create a plan for a beautiful healing ceremony for you to engage in with your family and friends. Birth Healing ceremonies can be done anytime, but I personally prefer discussing them when PTSD symptoms have subsided. 

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