Are you feeling stuck in the memory of your birth and seeking peace around the event?

Welcome to the Birth Alchemy Group

A virtual 6 week program for folx who want to process their birth  story.
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Are you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and like you can't move past your birth? 

-Do you feel disconnected from your body, baby and parenting role?

-Do you have intrusive thoughts, nightmares, memories about your birth, pregnancy or postpartum period?

-Do you have strong feelings of anger, rage, grief or numbness that come up suddenly since your birth?

-Do you feel a sense of impending danger at every turn, like you are waiting for the next shoe to drop?

-Do you feel like your story is incomplete or unsatisfying?

-Do you get so triggered by places, conversations and even people that you have to practice avoidance?

-Do you feel like when you share your story and seek support, you just end up feeling dismissed and misunderstood?

-Do you get a sense of activation (heart racing, feeling emotional) when the topic of birth is brought up?

The truth is, you do not need to stay stuck in reliving your birth. Birth Alchemy will teach you how to process that trauma physiologically and spiritually so you can move forward with peace and pride.

At the end of the program you will understand how and why birth trauma is impacting you. You will also learn a variety of tools that will help you move through and out of your trauma.

-You will feel validated and understood by other participants. You will no longer feel gaslighted or dismissed.

-You will learn how to heal your connection to your baby and other loved ones so that you can be feel more present in your family life.

-You will start rebuilding a connection to your body and your power.

-You will have a clear sense of effective grounding techniques that work for YOU specifically when you feel triggered.

-You will know how to re-imagine and re-write your birth story in light of your strength and power as opposed to your feelings of defeat and failure.

-You will gain knowledge about trauma that will help you prevent trauma symptoms in the future, for yourself and your family.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Christiane,

I am a social worker and have studied trauma for the past 5 years.


I experienced birth trauma with my now 6 year old. I felt disconnected, weak and stuck for a good 2 years until I really began my healing journey. I wasted so much time doing the wrong things or waiting for it to just heal on its own. 


In the end, it was a spiritual blend of somatic experiencing, ceremony and art that allowed me to move forward and process my trauma.


This allowed me to finally feel a sense of connection to my baby and my role as a mother that I did not even know was missing.


Since then, I have been helping folx  with their birth traumas in my private practice in individual and group settings. I want to share the knowledge and practices with you too.


What can you expect?

6 therapeutic group meetings (10hrs)


Week 1: Group Safety and The Nervous System (1.5hrs)

HW: Guided Birth Story Writing 


Week 2: Birth Story Processing (1.5hrs)

HW: Importance of Pleasure in Healing Trauma & Your Pleasure Plan


Week 3: Birth Story Processing (1.5hrs)

HW: Grounding with baby and telling them their story.


Week 4:  Birth Story Processing (1.5hrs)

HW: Choosing Your Art Modality

Week 5: The story of Inanna/Birth Art  (1.5hrs)

HW: Guided birth re-imagining


Week 6 Re-birthing Ceremony (2.5hrs)

Women Holding Hands


1080$ for the entire group




Pay in weekly installments of 180$ for 6 weeks.

As a reference, my individual sessions are 180 for 1hr. 1080 comes to 180 per 1.5 hrs PLUS materials in between sessions.

*This cost is covered by insurances that cover social workers and group therapy. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm.


Meetings will be held:

Nov 5th: 9:30-11

Nov 12th: 9:30-11

Nov 19th: 9:30-11

Nov 26th: 9:30-11

Dec 3rd: 9:30-11

Dec 10th: 9:30-12

 ***Babies welcome!***

You do not need to be baby free or get a babysitter to access this program. Babies are ALWAYS welcome and so is feeding your baby in the way you choose to do so.


-Calls will be on a secure online platform.

-Calls will not be recorded. Joining each call live is expected.

-You will be provided with carefully curated materials to do practices at home between each call. This includes guided visualisations, pleasure and resourcing worksheets, and bonding exercises with your child.

This program is for you if:

-You like understanding your own experience of pain and healing.

-You are interested in personal growth, development.

-You are a feminist.

-You don’t shy away from a bit of witchy spirituality.

This program is not for you if:

-You have a complex history of trauma, especially developmental trauma that was never processed. In this case, one on one help is more suitable.

- You want a quick fix and someone to heal you. In this program, you are taking healing into your own hands with support and tools from a trauma healer.

- You do not want to share in community, which is totally fair. In this case, one on one is best :)


What are the benefits of Birth Alchemy over 1:1 therapy?


The structured focus of the program makes this option special. We are really focusing on birth trauma here whereas 1:1 therapy allows room for us to talk about other realms of your life.

Also, it is my experience that amazing healing happens with a group of birthers. Seeing other pple witnessing your experience, validating it and also being angry at the system with other people is incredibly powerful.

What are the benefits of 1:1 therapy?

In 1:1, we can go deeper and slower. The main difference is that the program is set up more as a self-help program to give you tools you can use on your own whereas in 1:1 therapy, my undivided attention is used in healing. 

1:1 therapy is also recommended for folks who are new to therapy in general, and who do not have an active self-reflective practice. It is beneficial to do 1:1 when folks do not feel safe around strangers and take time to warm up and feel safe sharing with others.


1:1 therapy can also be continued with me after the program is over. Therapy will be more efficient after we have done the work of the program because you will already know how trauma works and know what tools work for you!

Can I expect to be healed at the end of the program?


Healing is a journey, and healing trauma is much like peeling layers of an onion. My goal is to have you peel one or more layers through this program and to provide you with the tools and resources so you may continue your healing journey after the program is over. I want you to leave here feeling equipped with tools and direction on how to continue your transformation.

Register now:

Option 1: 1080$

Option 2: 180x6
*Note that by clicking this option you agree to paying the full fee of 1080 within the 6 weeks

I am BIPOC and would like to discuss a reduced fee.  This is offered because Christiane understands the unearned privilege that she has in this society as a white, cis-woman in Canada.
To discuss a fee, email:

Once you register, you will get an email welcoming you to the group and some forms to complete before the first session. I am so excited to meet you. If you have ANY questions or need clarifications before joining, please send me an email below!