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Postpartum Warming Group

Birth can bring on many different emotions for mothers depending on her unique birth experience and where the mother is at emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. No matter her experience, the mother deserves a community, a group of women who will listen to her openly and understand her. 

This group does just that. It is a space where women can lean on each other, talk about their victorious birth journey, and cheer each other on as they explore motherhood,however clumsily! It is a place where we can shed the mask of the perfect mother and talk about the real stuff while feeling accepted, understood, and supported. Most importantly, it is a place where you will share your knowledge with other mothers to contribute to mutual support.

This is also a space where you can bring your baby, and nurse, change, soothe and snuggle him or her!

What you will gain from this group:
  • You will have the opportunity to share your birth story.

  • You will celebrate your birth journey.

  • You will get peer support regarding your role as a mother no matter your parenting style.

  • You will develop meaningful friendships.

  • You will be accepted, understood and supported through hardship.

  • You will learn tips and tricks to navigate motherhood from other mothers.

  • You will gain confidence as you share your own knowledge with other mothers.

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If interested in this group, please fill out the contact form so I can keep you posted on the next one.
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