Resources for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Hello all,

In this post, I will be listing some of my favourite resources for life-givers feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed. Have hope; with the right support, you will feel good again.

1. Therapists in Ottawa

1) Me: Christiane Lafleche MSW, RSW at

2) Kerry Ainger (registered psychotherapist)

3) Laurie-Anne Muldoon MSW, RSW

4) Phaedra Gryz (Registered psychotherapist)

5) Michele Glover (Registered psychotherapist)

2. Books

CBT for anxiety, depression and OCD in the perinatal period

1) Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts

2) This Isn't What I Expected

Birth Trauma

3) Rebounding from Childbirth

4) How to Heal a Bad Birth

5) Waking the Tiger

Spiritual Mothering

6) Mothering from your Centre


7) Body Full of Stars


8) The Fourth Trimester

9) Newborn Mothers


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