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Empowering Pregnancy and Birth Book List

Hello to all those who are experiencing a pregnant body and those who care for them, I am so excited to share with you an empowering book list. Unlike many other books out there, these books empower and inspire rather than tell you what you should do.

Today the themes are pregnancy and birth. Stay tuned for the list on breastfeeding and postpartum. Pregnancy

The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter by Katherine Ellison

A strongly written book that uses science to reclaim Mommy Brain. You will find all the ways in which motherhood actually leads to brain growth.

The Hormone Myth by Robyn Stein Deluca

This book challenges the idea that female hormones affect our mental and emotional stability. I found it really empowering and such an important message. Hormones are often used to dismiss women's concerns. We even do it to ourselves. Every time I hear a woman express anger or frustration about the way she is treated during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or even generally in her life and she says, ''Pregnant women are crazy!'' or ''I must have been on my period,'' I just want to stand up and say ''NO! Your thoughts are valid. There is a good reason for your feelings. You need to be listened to!'' This book does just that. So glad I came across it at the library.

Misconceptions by Naomi Wolf

A feminists honest reflections on her experience with pregnancy. This book was smart, comforting and had me reflect on all the issues we face during pregnancy


Birth Without Fear by Grantly Dick Read

Filled with heroic stories of women who inspired and amazed this man, Birth Without Fear will break you out of the negative birth narratives we have been taught. It is an old book, one that was written in a time society was not ready to hear its messages, and the messages still shake and shock us today. The author shows us the role of fear in the experience of pain, and his stories make you feel like you have nothing to fear.

Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz

This book is easy to read as it is separated in short chapters. It is filled with small exercises that will help you reflect deeply on your beliefs and values surrounding birthing. Pam England seeks to challenge dominant narratives surrounding childbirth by bringing the focus back to the mothers inner wisdom and knowledge.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

This book is different because it uses story telling to share knowledge. Plus, the stories focus on positive birth experiences, what our bodies can accomplish, and female wisdom. I was so ready to birth after reading this.

Active Birth by Janet Balaskas

I love this book because it doesn't tell you what to do but is essentially telling you to follow your intuition. The strategies and exercises to help prepare you for labour are suggestions but the message is always, ''Do what you feel is right.'' You will not find shoulds or commands in this book.

That is all for today! Stay tuned for book recommendations on breastfeeding and postpartum healing!

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