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Empowering Nursing and Postpartum Book List

Nursing Breastmilk (the documentary) Dana Ben-Ari (director)

It is in this wonderful, open-hearted, inspiring and so real documentary that I was introduced to the next author. This documentary will change the way you think about 'golden nectar' and make you realise how society has shaped the way we see breastmilk. Be ready to feel free to waste breastmilk without blinking and be amazed to learn how a non-biological mother can breastfeed her child!

Fresh Milk by Fiona Giles

This book is hilarious, uplifting, honest, and totally woman-centered. The author does not act as an expert. She shares stories of other women's experience and their children's experience with breastfeeding. My favourite section is where children of different ages are quoted expressing their experience of breastfeeding. This book is easy to read as well! Postpartum The First Forty Days: The essential art of nourishing the new mother by Heng Ou Not only is this book beautifully designed and written, its message is so powerful. This book is about Mother and Birther. It is all about their needs and how to prepare their home for their journey into motherhood (even if it is her 12th journey). Lush recipes, mouthwatering pantry lists, and tips on body care make up this glorious book. A MUST READ, in my opinion. All partners or carers should read this book to best support their Birther.

Nourishing Newborn Mothers by Julia Jones

Similar to the one above, Nourishing mothers provides healthy and warming recipes specially designed for the new mother. It follows an Ayurvedic perspective rather than the Traditional Chinese Medicine framework. Julia Jones trained me in Postpartum Healing and she is brilliant! (This book is only available as an e-book) Consider visiting Julia Jones' Website for free webinars and videos on postpartum healing and care.

What Mothers Do (especially when it looks like nothing) by Naomi Stadlen AND How Mothers Love (and how relationships are born) by Naomi Stadlen

These two books really help moms re-frame their perception of there role as a mother. It is a descriptive book rather than a prescriptive one. That said, the author clearly has a bias for a more attachment parenting style.


To conclude this book list, I'd like to also emphasize how important it is to surround ourselves not only with empowering literature, but also empowering people. Sometimes we need to make that space by turning off our phones, unfollowing friends online, placing boundaries around our homes. It is a balancing act, though, because we also need people in our village. When we start to feel empowered, we will feel comfortable to let people in that take up more space than we'd like.

Wishing you all a strong fire in the belly and a determined gaze to go with your tender and tireless hands.


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