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Prenatal Empowerment Group

As mothers in North America, we are completely isolated from one another and often from our own families. Yet, social support has been proven to protect women from developing perinatal mood disorders. We were never meant to do this important and demanding work in isolation.  This is why I have created the prenatal support group, to provide a space for mothers-to-be to build community therefore enhancing their well-being.

This group will be a safe and welcoming place where questions can be asked, fears, hopes and dreams can be explored, and new friendships developed. We will discuss issues such as fears of childbirth, expectations and hopes for motherhood, body image and changes and attempt to develop answers that empower you and leave you feeling inspired and strong. We will practice mindfulness, create birth art, and share meaningful conversations.

Christiane is a mother herself (and also currently pregnant!) in addition to being a  skilled group facilitator, social worker and postpartum professional and will ensure that the space is safe, enjoyable and therapeutic for all.

What you can expect from this group:
  • Become confident in your intuition, innate knowledge and experience as a mother.

  • Gain a feeling of empowerment and confidence that you will be able to share with others.

  • Meet other like-minded mothers and nurture new friendships.

  • Develop a positive and strong version of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood for yourself.

  • Share meaningful and progressive conversations with other mothers.

  • Gain a sense of community and build a social support network.

  • Apply a critical and feminist lens to motherhood.

This group is for you if you:
  • Think it takes a village to grow and raise a child and want to meet like-minded mothers

  • Feel overwhelmed, alone, unsure, afraid about some aspects of your pregnancy or upcoming birth and motherhood

  • Want to immerse yourself in a positive, warm and welcoming space with other pregnant women who will not judge you for your unique parenting and pregnancy choices.

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If you are interesed in the prenatal group, please fill out the contact form so I can keep you posted.
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