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Online Mother Circle

Mothers, old and new, thrive on lots of social support. We need practical, emotional and physical help from our communities to find our footing as we welcome a new life into the world. During the covid-19 pandemic, it is impossible for mothers to get an adequate amount of face to face support. This online mother circle is meant to act as a warm nest for you as you navigate the unknown with your children.

It is my hope that this group will help nourish my client's mental health during this vulnerable time. It will encourage friendships and will teach practical exercises and tools to help uplift and nourish you during this exceptional time.

What you can expect:

1) To learn hands on tools to help regulate your nervous system (and therefore your baby's ;) )

2) To gain knowledge about your unique nervous system and what helps YOU feel nourished, relaxed and embodied.

3) To build a sense of community with other mothers.

4) To participate in relaxing exercises that foster peace and joy, thus boosting oxytocin, encouraging you to bond with your baby.

5) To feel seen, witnessed, heard, understood and held unconditionally in the group.

When and Where?

Every Monday from 6 to 7pm


Starting date: Monday April 6th

From the comfort of your own home! ;)


250$ for the 8 session series
(Covered by most insurances through the work of registered social workers.)

To register:

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