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Welcome to Empowered: an alternative place where you are seen, heard, believed, and supported in your reproductive and caregiving journey.

In this anti-oppressive, queer-friendly space, you are truly listened to and your knowledge and experience are honoured. You are welcomed as you are. When you share your story, you are passionately believed. You can let go and space will be held with unconditional positive regard. 

I can help with
Womb trauma, pelvic trauma, sexual assault
Pregnancy Stress,
Anxiety and Depression
My Approach

Centering you, your voice and your experience

I believe in your right to dignity and empowerment. I work with you, centering your knowledge and experience. My counselling practice comes from a trauma-informed stance highly informed by Somatic Experiencing and feminist consciousness-raising. I also draw on integrative approaches such as art, mindfulness, and the use of visualization depending on your needs. Click here to learn more.

I bow as I remember the pain, suffering, and trauma my people inflict on BIPOC. I graciously thank keepers of the land on which I work, heal, love and play, the Anishinaabe nation. I proudly and humbly apologize for the tragedies my ancestors inflicted on the indigenous peoples of Kanata and BIPOC. It was and is not okay. I am committed to being part of the change. Here is how.

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