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Nurturing the Wounded Mother Visualisation

Dearest life-giver,

You are on your own journey perhaps of grief, perhaps of longing, perhaps of indescribable depression. From my heart to yours, here is a piece of chocolate, or a special treat to resource you, and give you a moment of pleasure, release and nurturing during this time. As you nibble your oxytocin inducing visualisation, remind yourself of all your sisters, going through something alongside you right now. You are surrounded. You are supported.

I suggest you read through this first, and then allow yourself 5-10 minutes to close your eyes and fall into this beautiful visualisation. You do not need to follow it exactly. Your mind will bring you where you need to go.


Imagine for a moment you are somewhere in nature; you are somewhere beautiful where the temperature is perfectly warm. You feel absolutely beautiful. Your skin is glowing, your hair is free, your body is heavy and grounded onto the Earth. Feel your bare feet on the Earth. You feel beautiful. Because you are.

You are under a tree, or a waterfall and from it beautiful flowers are falling at your feet and all around you. You are being showered with flowers. Notice your body as you receive this love. Where are your arms? What are they doing? Notice the expression on your face.

Can you allow yourself to open to receiving this nurturing, this beauty? What do you need to allow yourself to accept this? Take your time.

When you feel settled, bring your awareness to the flowers. What kinds are they? What colours? Can you touch them? What do you notice?

Stay here for a while.

When you are ready, bring your attention to you and your glorious body. Can you look at yourself with honour, compassion and awe? Can you touch your wounds, your stretch marks, your trauma with reverence. Touch the warrior that you are with tenderness and gratitude for her sacrifice.

What happens in your body now as you do this. What comes up? See if you are interested in staying with that for a bit.

Now, ask yourself what you can do today or this week to honour this beautiful warrior. (It may be a food to eat, or a movement to do, or a flower to plant...Just go with whatever comes up.) When you get an answer, thank yourself for that wisdom and come back to noticing the warrior body on the earth. At the same time, notice your own body in the room, going back and forth integrating your warrior self and your present self together. You are gently bringing yourself back to you now, bringing the nurtured warrior along with you.

Take your time here, noticing what it is like to be you? What is it like to be in your body? Eventually open your eyes and look around you as you feel into your new presence.

Commit to nurturing your inner warrior through the message you received.


With love,


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