Birthache Healing Group

Do you feel stuck, wronged, dissatisfied, consumed by the memory of your birthing experience? If so, you are not alone, and you can heal from this suffering.


This Birthache Healing Group is run by Christiane Lafleche, a caring maternal mental health professional who values feminist empowerment and the gentle healing of mothers.The group is kept extremely small (4-5 participants) so that each individual has a chance to work through their unique story to find an improved level of liberation and peace.


Following the mutual-aid model of group work, the Birthache Healing Group encourages the empowerment of group members through mutual sharing of resources, wisdom, and experiences. I used feminism, spirituality, cognitive-behavioural therapy, story-telling and body awareness to enhance our work.

What you can expect from this group:

-Safe and supported holding space where you will be heard, validated and believed.

-Space to share your full birth story

-Chance to re-write and re-claim your story through guided visualizations and story-telling.

-Space to discuss and work through symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, sadness, intrusive thoughts...

-Chance for empowerment through your contributions to the mutual-aid dynamic

-Chance to nurture helpful relationships with mothers who understand you.

-Activities and resources to deepen your understanding of your trauma such as healing art and meaningful rituals depending on the groups’ desires.

**Please note that this group is not recommended for birthers who have experienced infant loss; I have a specific group for you in the works that will meet your unique needs. Please email me for more details**

Hands Up


(covered by most insurances under the services of social workers)

*Please note that groups are non-refundable.

When and Where?

Due to COVID-19, this group is postponed until further notice. Stay tuned and email me if you would like to be placed on the waitlist!

Once you have registered for the group, I will send a confirmation as well as an intake form for you to fill out. 

If you have any questions before registering, please contact me anytime :).